Swarms of flying bugs infest Nepalese hotel room as traveller tries to sleep

An unwitting traveller is surrounded by thousands of flying bugs while trying to sleep in a Nepalese hotel room on August 18.

Footage shows the traveller using a duvet to cover their face as thousands of tiny flying insects swarm together in their thousands on the wall and ceiling above. The sleep deprived traveller looks terrified and is unable to move from the bed as the filmer pans around the room showing the extent of the infestation.

The filmer also captures a close up of the winged insects scurrying about with creepy ferociousness.

The filmer claims there were no bugs in the room upon arrival but as the sun went down the little critters started pouring in through a hole in the window.

The unexpected night guests did get into the traveller's hair but did not otherwise cause any discomfort or harm - apart from tiredness due to lack of sleep.