Swedish toddler takes a painful tumble while riding bike down a hill

This was the painfully hilarious moment a three-year-old child took an extreme tumble after losing control of their bike in Herräng, Sweden yesterday (July 11).

The mini-cyclist named Karl overtakes his parent on the decline and gains a lot of speed, eventually, the wheels start to wobble and Karl hits the deck.

Karl's parent who was filming soon follows and crashes himself.

They said: "I was, of course, shocked and scared for him, which is why I panicked and locked the front brake sending me into a crash as well.

"He is a little adventurer so things like this happen. He loves his bike and this didn't change a thing.

"He walked away - or rather rode away - with some minor burns on his back and elbows.

"We where ironically heading to the doctor for a standard procedure."