Sweet Kittens turn Bathtub into their Playground

We all know that cats absolutely hate water. While most of our feline friends are not the biggest fans of baths, the adorable two kittens from this video have come to an interesting realization that baths are not so bad if they are empty of water! If you've ever wondered what a skate park designed for kittens might look like, it could be something like this! These cuties are having the time of their feline lives in that bathtub! Absolutely adorable! These cats are having a blast chasing each other and running in circles. We are almost jealous of the fun they are having sliding down that smooth edges! How funny are they! Not to mention how hilarious they look each time they try to get out of the bath unsuccessfully! The video has the funniest ending. One of the cats is walking on the narrow edge of the bathtub when all of sudden she falls down. And she’s gone. Over and out!