Tables Turned on Girls Pranking Dad

Occurred on April 1, 2019 / Paradise, Texas, USA

Info from Licensor: "We love scaring and or pranking my dad because we always get the best reactions out of him. We have multiple videos of us scaring him with a taser, including him spilling salsa on himself, and some include him screaming like a girl. We saw a video of the cup prank on another site and decided to try it ourselves. My friends were over and decided to help out with the prank. Beforehand, we gave my dad the broom and asked him to go with us outside, we told him we wanted to see how strong he was. We had him hold the broom up straight while we proceeded to put the cup in between the ceiling and the broom. Once he had ahold of the cup we left and said, “See ya later, Larry.” We thought we pranked him and expected him to spill water everywhere but little did we know, he pranked us. He ended up lowering the cup down until he grabbed it off the top of the broom. He then turned to us and smiled. He busted the challenge."