Talented slackliner performs UNBELIEVABLE trick by slashing clothes lines while backflipping

Estonian based slackliner Jaan Roose executes an incredible trick by backflipping with a knife, slashing the clotheslines he was balancing on.

Before the main trick, Roose shows off his impeccable skill by putting on his trousers as he somersaults landing on his feet again.

The pro slackliner told Newsflare just how hard these flips are: "Feet to feet tricks are considered the hardest in the slacklining. Especially flips on feet compared to more popular and way easier flips on to the chest and butt."

Roose proceeds to his next trick of backflipping off of one slackline and landing onto another, slightly lower, one. As he flips the slackliner slashes the lines making his trick all the more impressive.

"Cutting the slacklines while backflipping became my unique trick during performances and has stuck to my recognisable style," Roose said.

"I practised two weeks in a row to perform this transfer successfully with a knife. It generates so much bounce from landing on a secondary slackline that it becomes harder to keep flipping in the right direction and height. During my first attempts, I was flying and bouncing 3m to 4m away from the last slackline."