Talented snake charmer brings wild cobra under control with his bare hands

Incredible footage shows an emergency snake catcher bringing a wild cobra under control.

Jirawat Iamlamay was called to the home in Ang Thong, central Thailand, on May 20 after reports of a snake on the loose.

The ferocious reptile was found on the patio where Jirawat began subduing it, using rapid head movements to distract the snake's attention.

The cobra at first reacted angrily and began hissing while trying to lung at Jirawat. But the experienced emergency worker was able to bring the snake to heel, placing his hand on its spreaded hood and slowly pushing it to the ground.

Jirawat, who performed the whole manoeuvre while wearing shorts and filp flops, said: ''The key is never take your eyes off the snake. But do not let it focus on you. Stay calm but keep moving.’'