Teacher shows just how much sugar is in school canteen fizzy drink - and the results will scare you

A science teacher in Australia conducted an experiment revealing the sugar content of a fizzy soda sold at his school canteen.

New South Wales-based teacher Jacob Strickling showed that 50 grams of sugar are in the 600ml Creaming Soda drink, which was measured by weighing sugar left behind after evaporating water.

The liquid from the red fizzy drink takes two hours to evaporate after being placed on the Bunsen burner, which leaves black, carbonized sugar.

Explains Strickling: "After about two hours and once all the water had evaporated, the sugar caramelised into toffee. With further heating, the sugar carbonised, turning black and puffing like a dragon.

"By using the before and after weights, [I] was able to determine that there was at least 50 grams of sugar in the 600 ml drink. To provide a further visual stimulus, 50 grams of sugar was then poured into the bottle."