Tense scenes in Madrid as supporters and opponents of Nicolas Maduro face off

Supporters and opponents of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro faced off in central Madrid on Sunday evening.

Police escorted a group of supporters of Maduro away from the Puerta del Sol square to try to calm tensions between the two groups.

According to an eyewitness, the pro-Maduro group was made up mainly of left-wing Spanish nationals, some of whom could be heard chanting "the struggle continues" as they were led away.

The group of anti-Maduro protesters was comprised mostly of Venezuelans living in Spain who shouted "freedom" towards the opposing demonstrators.

Sarais Leon, a Venezuelan national living in Madrid (seen at 1:19 in this video), said she had been kicked by a pro-Maduro protester when she tried to explain the difficulty of life in Venezuela under the Maduro regime.