Terrified calf rescued after falling into pond while fleeing noise of chainsaw

This is the heartwarming moment a terrified calf was saved from drowning after falling into a pond while fleeing from a chainsaw noise in the forest.

The one-year-old ox, which was afraid of loud noises, was safely rescued after being trapped in the cold water for more than four hours in Chonburi, eastern Thailand on May 15.

Yuenyong Paladsrichuay, 27, was told by his neighbours that his creature had fallen into the large pond at the village while running away from the noisy cutting sound of machines chopping down trees.

The owner climbed down with a rope and tied the animal to a tree to stop him from floating away before calling the Sawang Boriboon Pattaya Foundation for help.

Yuenyong said: ''I had tied my ox to the neighbour’s fence and walked to the local market near here. But I didn’t know that the neighbour was cutting down trees and that would make him very frightened. He broke free and ran away but fell into the pond.''

Rescuer officials walked into the forest and reached the reservoir, which had ten-metre-high banks, where the calf was seen floating in the water.

Officers and the owner sprinted down to where the animal was trapped and attached a pulley to pull him up but it did not succeed due to its 300-kilogram weight.

The rescue plan then had to be changed. They tied the calf's body with a two-hundred-litre tank before pulling him to the other side, where the water was more shallow.

It took more than two hours to save the animal from drowning.

Yuenyong calmed him down before taking him home and fed him.

The owner said: ''He was my first ox. I bought him last week, so I’m still getting to know him.

''Now, I know that he doesn’t like loud noises, so I need to be more careful of where he's allowed to graze.''