Terrified couple hide as elephant raids their car in Thailand

This is the terrifying moment a wild elephant raided a truck - leaving the passengers cowering in fear under their seats.

Urawan Por-ammard and his family were on the way home when they spotted the jumbo blocking the public road in Chachoengsao, central Thailand.

Footage shows cars make a U-turn to avoid the approaching of the wild elephant while Urawan decided to take a risk by staying still.

The elephant seemed to be harmless, as his ears and tail were swinging, so Urawan slowly drove closer while trying to pass as his wife, Pornpimol Promsorn, warned her child to bend down.

Unfortunately, the beast moved forward and raised his trunk ups and down as a wave to stop the truck before walking to the back of the car, where five heavy bags of rice were loaded.

The elephant carried a rice sack, dropped it on the concrete, and stomped it with his feet before he swallowed the rice.

Urawan slowly accelerated his truck while the large elephant was concentrating on the food. The family managed to escape the heart-stopping situation a minute later.

The couple said that they were familiar with the route as they had been here many times but they never thought that they would experience the most thrilling moment in their lives.

The wife said: "We liked to drive on this road because the scenery was very beautiful and relaxing. I had never seen the wild animals interfered human activity on the road before.

"I heard that elephants around here were not afraid of human but I never thought that they would do something dangerous like this.''