Terrified driver watches as dust devil approaches his car

A Thai driver captured a close encounter with a dust devil whilst travelling on a road in Northeast Thailand.

Nanthana Nanthakomon, 30, was driving to work when he noticed the swirling vortex zipping across the road in front of him.

The musician pulled over because he was afraid of driving through the dust devil and watched as it came within a few feet of his car.

Nanthana filmed the cloud of dirt, also known as a landspout or mini tornado, while quickly winding up his window.

The rare weather phenomenon was captured in Udon Thani on February 5.

Speaking after, Nanthana said: ''The wind wasn't strong enough to knock over my car but I could feel it coming in through the window. It was stirring up all the dust and sand from the ground.

''This is the first time I've ever seen one here. I didn't know they appeared. It was strange because it was a day with normal weather conditions, no big storms or rain.''

The dust tornado passed without any damage being caused and quickly dispersed.