Terrified family watch as elephant raids the back of their car for food

A terrified family captured the moment an elephant ransacked a pick-up truck before it stomped over and searched through their vehicle in Thailand.

The driver noticed the fully grown male bull foraging through the back of the black Mitsubishi at the Khao Yai National Park in Nakhon Ratchasima, southern Thailand, on December 9, at 2pm.

It opened several plastic boxes with its huge trunk before tossing them to the ground and rummaging through in search of food to scoop up with its trunk.

The driver in the car behind can be heard saying: ''He's hungry, he wants food. He's looking in the boxes. I hope he doesn't get angry and attack the car.''

As the driver in front slowly inched away, the hungry tusker turned its attention to the car behind - heading for the items stored in the boot.

Mobile phone footage from the front seat passenger shows the elephant's enormous trunk and tusk visible through the rear windscreen as it opens the boxes, before moving onto the next car in the queue of traffic.

Freezing in terror, the two teenage boys on the back seat try to avoid any sudden movements they fear could anger the bull.

The car driver Wanlop Seeput, 35, finally managed to pull away slowly without disturbing the rampaging elephant.

Speaking after, he said: ''I really though the elephant was going to attack the cars. It was scary. I could barely move. I just wanted to drive away. I was saying 'go, go'.

''My wife kept me calm. She made sure we stayed still and didn't scare the elephant. He was just looking for food. I think he must have been very hungry.''