Terrifying footage of a tornado forming outside Chicago, Illinois USA

This is the ominous moment a tornado threatens to form amongst baleful clouds above a residential area just outside Chicago in Illinois, USA.

The USA's national weather service had issued a tornado warning for various counties in Illinois including Dekalb, La Salle and Kendall.

The apocalyptic dark clouds gathered together as a quick-wind whipped up violently shaking nearby trees and bushes in this Chicago suburb.

At one point the clouds start forming a point which look to be the beginning of a tornado funnel. The filmer exclaims "Oh no, please don't!" just as she rushes back inside with her dog.

The filmer also comments on how cold the the air has become around her stating "It's getting really, really cold!"

In a matter of seconds the filmer then exclaims "Now it's getting like ice cold!"

Anxious to get back inside the filmer calls her dog to come back to her but it is clear this pup is confused by the strange weather.

Footage shows trees rocked by strong winds and leaves whip past the filmer after they have been stripped from their branches.

The grass beneath the filmers feet ripple's in the fast wind and the sound of roaring air rushes past the camera's microphone as the dark clouds gather overhead.

The filmer quickly ducks back into her home with her dog before the imminent deluge.