Terrifying night-tornado illuminated by streaks of lightning in Oklahoma, USA

Like the stuff of horror films this tornado loomed in the darkness only to be revealed by flashes of lightning in Mayes County, Oklahoma on May 22.

Hidden in the darkness the night-twister touched the ground around 8pm beyond a tree line. As if in a nightmare this monster's identity was only revealed after electric-fingers of lightning struck near to where the funnel was already ravaging the earth.

Reports of extensive damage to property came in after the wind funnel moved east about 10 miles toward Salina, Oklahoma.

According to the National Weather Service severe weather warnings with a high chance of powerful tornadoes and large hailstones are still in place across the USA. They will likely stay in place through the weekend of May 25/26.

Heavy rainfall is also forecast for already flooded lands in the Great Plains which means significant flooding will continue through to next week.

The footage starts out almost pitch black but then a crack of lightning illuminates the powerful vortex in the distance. The terrifying wind-beast then disappears back into the void after the light fades.

The filmer continues to track this large funnel as more flashes of branch-like lightning strike the ground from the apocalyptic clouds above.