Terrifying scenes as Indonesian fairground goers become stranded on ferris wheel

Operators climbed to rescue people stranded on a ferris wheel that had crashed and tilted.

The accident happened on Sunday (June 30) at Wirabraja Field Night Market in Bukittinggi, Indonesia.

Footage shows the moment operators climbed to the tilted attraction to rescue passengers stuck in the carriages at a great height.

Children and women can be seen being taken down to safety in the video.

According to a witness, his family had boarded the Ferris wheel but were asked to exit it because the operator was managing the wheel in an unsafe way. "As the screams went louder, the operators increased the speed of the wheel," he said. 

The person in charge of the Ferris wheel, Rahmat, said the collapse happened when the axle of the wheel broke. "The broken axle made the pinwheel loose from its position, making the ferris wheel to collapse and tilt." 

No injuries were reported.