Texas farmer tells off 'prankster' teen bull for stealing food

At the Ima Survivor Sanctuary in Texas, farmer Lester Morrow found a mysterious and very strong prankster had stolen a whole sack of cattle feed in this hilarious video today (May 30).

The likely culprit was Tex the longhorn, who is a 'teen' bull being only around two-years-old, who was able to reach through a metal gate and drag out a bag of cattle feed pellets, tearing it open and eating the entire bag.

Morrow confronted Tex, who seemed guilty and constantly looked away, while being told off by his owner. Tex may also have been linked to chairs being flipped over and buckets being tossed.

Morrow commented: "Tex, a typical teen, lets his owner's rant go in one ear and out the other."

The Ima Survivor Sanctuary was founded in Cleveland, Texas following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey in late 2017 to home many of the animals affected by the storm. The Sanctuary is an ongoing non-profit effort to care for donkeys and other animals, run by high school teacher Lester Morrow.

Tex the bull came to the sanctuary shortly after it opened and rose to stardom after his exploits playing with a red yoga ball got widespread viral attention.

He posts regular content from the Sanctuary on his Instagram @imasurvivorsanctuary as well as on his Facebook channel for the Ima Survivor Sanctuary.