Texas man miraculously revives tiny puppy by performing CPR

A Texas man managed to revive a newborn puppy by performing a lifesaving CPR on its tiny body.

Footage captured at a home in Plum Grove, TX shows the man massaging the puppy's body and performing mouth-to-mouth breaths as the mother dog watches patiently.

After some time, the little one recovers her breath and she can be seen nursing from her mother’s teats along with its siblings later in the video.

‘’My momma boxer laid on top of one of her female puppies while they were nursing and accidentally suffocated her. When I came inside to check on the puppies I couldn’t find one and realised what had happened,’’ the rescuer said.

‘’I’m not sure how long the puppy had stopped breathing but it was definitely a blue/purple in colour, I carried her to my kitchen and began CPR.  After several minutes of giving breaths and stimulating the heart area, puppy finally caught her breath and began breathing on her own,’’ he added.

The video was filmed on December 26, 2018.