Thai builder left hanging 200ft in the air after crane collapses

Astonishing drone footage shows how a builder was left clinging on for his life 200ft in the air after a crane snapped in half killing four of his colleagues.

The construction worker had been operating the tower crane while building a new apartment block in Bangkok, Thailand, when the runway broke off this afternoon just before 1pm local time.

Four workers were killed instantly and several more injured when tonnes of steel plunged to the ground landing directly on top of them.

But the plucky survivor was left holding on for his life as be balanced between the metal bars of the main section of the crane which was still left standing.

Rescue workers arrived in a cherry picker and eventually helped him to safety. He was taken to hospital to be checked over but escaped virtually unharmed.

Officials said the incident happened at the site of the Lumpini Place Rama 3 Riverine on the Rama III Road in the Yannawa district of the Thai capital.

Opas Sripayak, managing director of the developer, LPN Development Plc, said a subcontractor was extending the crane preparing to lift a new load when the arm broke off.

He confirmed four workers were killed and said that at least five others were seriously injured. He said compensation would be paid to the victims' families.

The new condominium block was unharmed.