Thai farm where durian fruits sell for up to £25,000 each celebrates this year's harvest

This durian farm was celebrating its first harvest of the season today (May 31) with pieces of the fruit selling for up to 25,000GBP.

The small one-acre plantation in Nonthaburi, some 40km north of Bangkok, produces a few hundred of the rare 'kanyao' variety of durian every year.

The highly sought-after type - which is specific to that region - is considered to be the best in the world thanks to its sweet taste and creamy texture.

Kanyao durian was virtually wiped out following a mass flood several years ago and the farm is one of the only places to have cultivated the fruit since then.

Whole durians usually sell in Thailand for around 500 baht (12.50GBP) - or even more expensive in the west - depending on their weight, but at the prices in this farm start at 20,000 Baht (500GBP) for one fruit.

Incredibly, one of the most prized durians - seen in the video protected by chicken wire - are expected to sell for around 1,000,000 baht (25,000GBP).

Owner Maliwan Han Chai Thai, who runs the Pa Toi Lung Mu farm, said: ''This durian is very good because of its shape, colour and hardness. There has already been a lot of interest in it and we are leaving it on the tree until it is perfectly ripe.

''We think the price for this durian will be a million baht or more. Last year one sold for 800,000 but this one is even better.

‘''Kanyao durian is the best type available. Every one of the durians here will sell for at least 20,000 baht but the price is higher if they are better quality.''

Footage shows how the area’s governor arrived at the farm to cut down one of the prized fruits.

Nine of the best pieces were chosen to be sent to an auction on Saturday (June 1) with part of the proceeds going to charity.

Durian fruit is one of the most popular and expensive delicacies in Asia.