Thai firemen catch 16ft python after it killed gamecock worth thousand pounds

This is the moment firemen catch a huge python after it strangled a fighting cock worth more than 1,5000GBP.

Rooster owner Sutthibuth Boonchu, 30, was woken up by nightmarish howls from the bird as the snake suffocated it in Chachoengsao, Thailand, last Friday (August 16) night.

The shocked farmer leapt from his bed and dashed into the garden with a torch where he was devastated to see the python wrapped around the bird.

Rescue workers arrived and caught the 16ft-long serpent which was made to release the bird from its clutches.

Sutthibuth said: "The dead gamecock was worth over 55,000 Baht so this has upset me a lot.

''But I'm still relieved that the snake didn't get my most valuable roosters. That would have been very bad.''

The python did not put up a struggle and was released back into the wild.