Thai fisherman rescues stranded goral that was fleeing wild dogs

This is the heartwarming moment a baby goral was rescued by a fisherman after falling into a lake while fleeing from wild dogs.

Tharitipun Mantanawet, 32, noticed the stranded animal while fishing with his friend at Bhumibol Dam in Tak, western Thailand on July 10.

The male goral - a type of goat-like creature - was seen struggling as it tried to swim through the deep cold water.

Tharitipun said he believes the goral had been running away from a pack of Dholes, which he had recently seen on top of the cliffs and heard barking.

Footage shows how the kind-hearted fisherman sailed his boat to the animal, which was exhausted from swimming in the river for several minutes.

Tharitipun quickly caught him by the horns and pulled him up onto the boat. The fisherman tried to release the goal back onto the rocks - but it kept swimming away in the lake.

He then spent the next 15 minutes trying to find a safe place on the beast, before dragging it some 3km away to a muddy shore.

The patient fisherman believes that the goral had tumbled down the cliff while fleeing the wild dogs.

He said: ''I saw two or three wild dogs above the cliff, so I guess that the goral might have been running for his life and fallen down there.

''I was glad to find him and successfully save him in time. Otherwise, he might have drowned or might have been killed by local hunters.''