Thai fishermen catch monster catfish weighing more than a human at 265 lbs

Fishermen in northeast Thailand were amazed after they caught an enormous catfish weighing an impressive 265lbs.

Villagers hauled in the 1.7m-long beast from a river in the Sisaket, northeastern Thailand the night of August 12 where locals crowded round as the catfish was hauled onto scales.

Nong Wanwisa, 15, who helped to land the fish said the catch was even more impressive because of recent dry conditions commenting: "This is an extremely delightful moment for us. To catch a Mekong giant catfish this big is very rare. But catching on in a drought period like this year is like doing the impossible."

The fish will also land the fishermen a tasty profit after it was hacked up and sold for 45 baht (£1.21) per pound, or 12,000 baht (£321) in total.

The Mekong giant catfish is a critically endangered species native to the Mekong river basin in Southeast Asia and China.

The current world record for the biggest caught is believed to be 650lbs.