Thai motorcyclist arrested after standing on the seat while speeding down motorway

This reckless motorcyclist was arrested after he shocked drivers by standing on the seat and riding without his hands in an allegedly drunken stunt.

Passing driver Jenjira Pansena was on the way to send her children to school when she noticed the biker showing off his crazy driving skills in the public road in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand.

Footage captured on May 28 shows the helmet-less twenty-year-old stuntman standing on the seat without holding the handlebar while the motorcycle was accelerating.

The mother said she was afraid of being involved in an accident when the man performed the dangerous manoeuvre in front of her.

Footage shows how he narrowly avoided falling off the bike then continued stunt-driving by lifting up his feet as he was making a left turn.

The video sparked a police hunt and the next day officers in Chiang Mai identified and arrested the rider, named Aung Muang, a Tai Yai hill tribe man who works as a masseur in the province.

Aung Muang confessed for his irrational behaviour saying that he was drunk after hours of drinking beer in his apartment.

The police also found evidence of drug use after he was examined with urine testing.

Police Major Chittanai Ratanapibooncharoen said: ''The suspect also said that this was not the first time he had done the stunt show off on the streets and he didn’t mean to harass other drivers.

''He received five charges for dangerous and inconsiderate driving, not having the proper equipment on his motorcycle, unregistered bike, and not wearing a helmet.''

Aung Muang was fined 10,000 Thai baht (250GBP) for the reckless stunt.