Thai paramedics rush to rescue stranded kitten on road

This is the heartstopping moment four five paramedics run into oncoming traffic to save a stranded kitten.

The hapless moggy was just inches from being crushed after wandering onto the busy motorway in Nakhon Sawan, northern Thailand, on May 10.

But a passing minivan with several paramedics inside spotted the six-week-old cat as it struggled across the tarmac with vehicles whizzing past.

They parked their minivan on the hard shoulder and dashed out, waving for cars coming towards them to slow down.

Anyawut Phophai filmed the rescued as Chief rescuer, Bin Bunluerit, scooped up the frail kitten and carried it to safety.

The feline was then given a whole stretcher to itself while receiving treatment in the back of the ambulance.

Anyawut, from the Ruamkatanyu Foundation, said: ‘’It’s a miracle the kitten wasn’t hit by any of the cars. It was only about six weeks old and so small that many drivers did not notice him.

‘’His legs were weak and his heart was pounding. So we comforted him in the ambulance to help him recover from the trauma.’’

The kitten, which is believed to be a stray that was separated from its family, was taken to a nearby vet and will be put up for adoption.

Anyawut added: ‘’Every life is valuable. The kitten needed help and fortunately, we were there at the right time to save him.’’