Thai pensioner born without arms has bizarre talent for firing crossbows with his FEET

This pensioner was born with no arms but he has developed a unique talent - learning how to fire a crossbow with his feet.

Sriluan Chaimongkhon, 80, spent a lifetime struggling to perform every day tasks like driving and cooking. But he is right on target when it comes to archery and can slay a mango with deadly precision.

The great-grandfather showed off his unique footwork at a village sports day in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand last Sunday (June 9).

Footage shows the talented old man sitting on the ground while using his left foot to hold the wooden crossbow and his right foot to load an arrow.

He leans backwards to lift his legs up before drawing back on the bow and aiming for the mango, which was set five metres away.

The audiences began clapping and cheering as the arrow hit its target. Some of them wanted to try the crossbow but failed since it requires a lot of skill and strength training.

Sriluan said: ''I've been shooting with crossbows since I was about 10 years old. My skill was not as good as before but I still like doing it and always find time to practice.''