Thai villagers helped stray dog who endured three days with plastic bottle stuck on head

This is the heartbreaking moment a stray dog was found after walking around with her head stuck inside a plastic bottle for three days.

The female dog had been trying to eat leftovers from the container found in the local palm field in Chumphon, southern Thailand.

Unfortunately, her head became stuck inside the bottle making her unable to eat or drink as she wandered aimlessly through the woodland.

The stray was found on Monday (March 25) when she was shaking and hitting her head against bushes and trees in desperate attempts to remove the thick plastic tub, once used for storing food.

Villagers had been trying to help the five-year-old dog after they had seen her in the terrible condition for three days but none of them could approach her because she was very nervous and ran away each time.

Field owner Udom Wisairath, 52, said: ‘’The dog was very scared of people and she always ran away. There were other people before me who were trying to help her but they all got the same response.’’

The dog became noticeably exhausted as she did not have food or water for more than 70 hours which worried the locals. They wanted her to be rescued as soon as possible.

Udom added: ‘’Everyone had seen her around the neighbourhood before, so we all felt sorry for her. We hope some volunteer units would come to remove the bottle for her before she starved to death.’'

Locals said they had contacted the local rescue service but nobody had arrived to catch the dog.