Thai woman finds snake eating LIVE toad in her shoe

This is the horrifying moment a woman went to put on her shoes - and found a snake hiding inside them trying to eat a live toad.

Arun Kaewsamakkee, 40, recoiled in horror when she saw the orange reptile with its jaws clamped around the frog's head.

The serpent had been using her pink trainers as a dark, warm hiding place before pouncing on the hapless amphibian and trying to drag it into its makeshift den.

Kaewsamakkee filmed the stomach-churning scene as the snake tried to swallow the toad inside her house in Nakhon Ratchasima, northeastern Thailand.

She said: ''Ever since this, I have been checking my shoes before I put them on. I'm worried there could be another snake inside.''

Kaewsamakkee and her husband prodded the pair of creatures with a broom which allowed the frog to hop away to safety.

The snake then retreated back into her shoe, which they had to push gently into the garden before flipping it over to dislodge the little reptile. The snake slithered away into the undergrowth.

She added: ''It makes me shudder every time I think about this. But it's actually lucky that the snake tried to eat the frog because if not I would not have saw it.''

The footage was captured on July 11.