Thailand's first transgender PM candidate rallies support ahead of elections

Thailand's first transgender candidate for prime minister and her supporters took to the streets this weekend to campaign ahead of the country's elections.

Pauline Ngarmpring, 52, who was born as Pinit Ngarmpring, had gender reassignment surgery in the United States three years ago.

She returned to Bangkok and became involved in politics, joining the Mahachon Party and championing the rights of the country's openly LGBT population of more than seven million people.

Ngarmpring is now hoping to beat the current military dictator, Prayut Chan-o-cha, and become the country’s first transgender prime minister when locals vote on March 24.

Footage shows her campaigning with her supporters yesterday in the Chatuchak area of Bangkok.

Pauline, who has two children, said:
''I'm the best candidate to represent the rights of Thailand's LGBT people. But I can also offer much more than that. I will bring gender equality for the entire country.''

The Mahachon party is contesting some 200 seats in the 500-member House of Representatives. About 20 of the candidates are openly LGBT.