Thailand bus driver scrambles off highway to hurry to bathroom

A bus driver apologised for cutting across a median on a highway - because he was desperate for a bathroom.

Sujee Khamphachan, 56, had passengers onboard when he made the turn to escape a traffic jam in Bangkok, Thailand last Wednesday (10/07).

Shocked motorist Palangtam Yoosuk was on the way to work when he noticed the bus was trying to get away from the heavy traffic.

He filmed the public bus No 29 was making a right turn and driving over a raised grass verge in order to switch to a faster lane.

The driver was later caught and admitted performing the risky manoeuvre saying that he desperately needed a toilet.

The driver said: ''First, I thought I could wait because the petrol station was only a few metres away but the car didn't move for almost an hour.

''I told my condition to the six passengers and they were okay for me to take a short cut, so I did.''

Sujee was warned by officials of the Bangkok Mass Transit Authorityand promised not to repeat the behaviour.