That's dedication! Brave train driver risks life to fix train after it stops on bridge in central India

A brave train driver made a dangerous climb along a 30-foot high steel bridge to fix a snag that had stalled a train in central India.

The superfast Udyog Nagari Express stopped on a bridge near Itarsi in Madhya Pradesh state after someone pulled the emergency chain on March 24.

Assistant loco pilot Jagdish Chaure realised that there was no space to walk on the bridge to the affected coach and fix a pressure pipe that had been uncoupled by the emergency chain.

So, Jagdish got down to a bridge girder and shimmied over to the coach, holding a railing above for support.

He then climbed to the tracks to fix the pressure pipe and return back to the engine compartment the same way. The entire feat had taken him about 20 minutes to accomplish.

Speaking to reporters later Jagdish said: “If we had called for support it would have taken three hours. I understand how important it is to keep the train on time. So I decided to take the risk.”

Senior railway officials have lauded Jagdish’s dedication to his work.