That look is on fire! Women in Vietnam try out 'fire therapy'

Women in Vietnam are trying a fiery new skincare technique as they are having burning towels laid on their faces and bodies to 'burn away impurities'.

Footage filmed on August 30 in Hanoi, Vietnam, shows the fire skincare expert, a Mr. Lam, performing the dangerous procedure by laying burning towels on a woman's face and body.

Lam says that he is an expert on qigong and fire energy and uses fire to treat patients who come to his clinic. Alcohol soaked towels are laid on a patient's body and set alight, letting the fire burn for 30 seconds to a minute before it is extinguished.

Lam also claims that the fire can burn bad cells in the human body, remove excess fat, and improve circulation. Equally using a fire on the head can cure eye and nerve related diseases, relieve headaches and so on.

This method is relatively new as a treatment, however this method requires careful handling and control of the fire. If left too long, it can cause burns to the patient as well as the practitioner if he or she is not careful.

The woman shown said she felt better after using this healing method, despite her body feeling hot during the treatment. She claimed she felt the fat in her body burning away and pain in her head was relieved.