The incredible moment an Indian boy lights up a light bulb with just his bare hands

Kalu Ram, an eight-year-old boy claims he can turn on an LED light bulb just by touching it in Etah, Uttar Pradesh, India.

In the video, Kalu touches an LED light bulb and it immediately lights up as his father films him. However, when his father tries to do the same, it remains unlit.

When the bulb is handed back to Kalu, he turns the light bulb on again with just a touch of his finger.

Kalu claims to have discovered his 'talent' after his mother took out the bulb from the holder socket and kept it in a shelf. He spotted the bulb and was playing with it when it reportedly lit up - and it didn't glow at all when someone else handled it in the same way.

His neighbours also claim to have witnessed Kalu's talent.

"The boy came and showed it to me first as I initially thought it to be a trick and tried lighting it up by myself,' said one neighbour, 'I took it in my hands and tried lighting it but the bulb didn’t glow. But when Kalu took it in his hands the bulb lit up brightly."