The Wasps Win

Occurred on July 9, 2019 / Reserve, Louisiana, USA

Info from Licensor: There’s been a wasp nest developing in front of our front door. My father-in-law, Michael, decided he’s going to shoot fire at them with a paint spray can and a lighter to kill them. My fiancé, Mikhail, said he was going to help him. The gray chair in the video wasn’t high enough to reach the nest so my father-in-law grabbed the rolling computer chair to stand on. My fiancé as supposed to be holding the chair steady while my father-in-law sprayed the wasps. Well, as my father-in-law started to spray the wasps one happened to just fall to the ground in front of my fiancé but he thought it was flying towards him. So he pushed the chair and takes off running, scaring his dad and causing him to fall.