There is a celebrity in town! 'Russian spy' whale settles down in Norwegian neighbourhood

This town in Norway has welcomed a new citizen - the famous beluga whale believed to have been trained to spy for Russia.

The whale, found off the coast of Norway in May, is now a regular in the harbour of Hammerfest.

Scientists are now taking care of the tame mammal, now six-metres-long, who has to be fed with 15 kilograms of fish every day.

Footage captured in the harbour in on July 13 shows the amiable beluga whale being fed and petted by a carer.

The carer Eve Jourdain said: "It is hard to keep him safe because there are so many risks."

"The whale is supposed to live long around 80 years so I am not sure how to make this sustainable.

"He eats about 15 kilograms a day. The idea is to keep him underfed so he can start hunting

"We can see that he is chasing fish but we never saw him catching."

Meanwhile, Norwegian Orca Survey have launched an initiative to ensure the beluga's welfare and survival.