Thief enters disabled 88-year-old's home in UK to rob him of 5 pounds

Security cameras at a property in Leeds have captured the disturbing moment a brazen thief entered the home of a wheelchair-bound 88-year-old and stole money from his wallet.

Veteran Dennis Birch was sitting in his wheelchair watching television at his home in the Harehills area of the city on the afternoon of July 10 when the robber entered the property.

Footage shows the man attempt to speak in a friendly manner to Mr Birch in broken English, while clearly scoping the surrounding area for items of value.

While distracting Mr Birch, the thief picks up his wallet from the counter, quickly rifles through it and walks off with a five-pound note.

The theft happened so quickly that Mr Birch didn't even realise he'd been robbed, according to his stepson, Paul Daley.

The family of the 88-year-old only suspected something had happened when his carer called to say he'd seen the live video of an unknown man entering the property.

Birch's family then went over to his house to view the footage.

"I was in total shock when I watched the footage. The guy who does it - he is a professional. The way he conceals his actions, this guy is a pro and we'd definitely like him caught and prosecuted," Daley told Newsflare.

"It's affected me because I worry about him and now I worry about him even more because if this guy's not caught, he'll be back or passing on his details to his other friends because my dad's in a wheelchair and can't defend himself," Daley added.

Police are investigating the incident.