Thief steals clothes while shop assistant too busy doing her makeup to notice

This brazen thief stole a bag full of clothes within a few feet of the shop assistant who was too distracted doing her makeup.

The teenager was working at the small stall inside the Platinum Fashion Mall in Bangkok, Thailand, when then the thief wandered in on December 4 at 10:30am.

CCTV shows how the young girl was perched on a small stool on the left, behind a rack of clothes and applying eye-liner, as the thief calmly stuffs a plastic bag full of clothes.

The thief even walked right behind the 18-year-old worker, who still failed to notice the crook in the mirror, as she lifted more garments off the shelf.

The owner only realised later that day when the shoplifter was caught at a different stall inside the same building and forced to empty her bag. They then replayed the CCTV.

Speaking on Sunday (9/12), the shop owner said the young girl in the video was ''very embarrassed'' about what happened.

The owner also said: ''We would just like to forget about it and move on. The video doesn't look good for my staff. She has been very embarrassed by it. She is only a teenager. But we have told her to be more careful when there are people looking at the clothes.''

The shoplifter, who has not been named, was caught by security guards and handed over to police.

A spokesman for the Platinum Fashion Mall said: ''The thief was captured after stealing from several different stalls. This shows how important it is for everybody to use lots of CCTV cameras to protect their shops.''