Thirsty elephants raids home to drink water and steal fruit in Thailand

A woman woke up in the middle of the night to find a herd of elephants stealing fruit and drinking water from her plant pots.

Nang Plernpit, 45, looked out of the window after hearing loud stomps and was shocked to see five jumbos wandering through her garden in Rayong, eastern Thailand.

Footage from the early hours of Wednesday (April 29) morning shows two elephants sniffing around the garage and three trampling her garden.

One thirsty elephant even had its trunk plunged into her water lilies plant pot to suck up all of the water.

The family of elephants spent about 15 minutes pillaging plants and fruit before moving to the house next door, leaving Plernpit’s place trampled and ruined.

Neighbour Sirirat Iamsrisuk said that the wild thieves also smashed into her place, plucking out mangos and drinking water from her pots.

She said: “I heard very loud stomps last night. I looked through the window and was shocked to see the big elephants.

“I didn’t do anything. I waited until morning and found that my garden was stomped and the mangos were gone.”

Wuttisak Permphoon, the head of Sap Si Siat village, said that the elephants usually walked from the Khao Chamao-Khao Wong national park to the village at night.

Permphoon said: “Most of us took loans from the agricultural bank and paid the debt with income from farming. So when the elephants start breaking into the village and ruining crops, it harms everyone financially.’’

Villagers pleaded for the government to be responsible for the damage and prevent it from happening again.