Thirsty Koala Drinks Rainwater off Road

Occurred on January 16, 2020 / Croppa Creek, New South Wales, Australia

Info from Licensor: "My 3 children and I came across the koala in the middle of our quiet country road. We thought it was injured. However, he was extremely thirsty. Apart from this, he seemed in good condition despite the heart breaking drought in Australia. This was our first rain for months, and seeing him lick the road to get moisture made me realise just how much everyone, including animals, were suffering in this drought. We have been farmers at North Star for 60 years. My father in law has never seen it this dry.
We made sure the koala was okay, and waited while 2 vehicles went around him. We took a wildlife carer back the next day we luckily found him high in a tree. Healthy and happy with the rain."