This Baby's Reaction to a Jack-in-the-Box will Melt your Heart

When I was a kid, I loved playing with the music box. I remember playing with it so hard, my parents had to break it on purpose because I was impossible. This is the reason I’m always emotional when I see a kid playing with a music box. Especially when it’s becoming rarer and rarer. People forget all fun toys we had before. All because smartphones and tech gadgets took over the world more and more. In this video, we can see a cute little boy playing with a musical box. His mom is rolling the handle, and we are mesmerized by his cute looks. He is looking amazed by the music box is producing. But that’s not all! When the Jack in the box comes out of it, we can see a shock on his face. All I want to do now is to squeeze his cute cheeks. I didn’t see anything cuter in a while! Would you agree with me?