This Baby's Slo-Mo Sour Face will Crack you Up

Who doesn't love watching babies try lemon for the first time? Don't deny it, we all watch them over and over again. And this video is about to be added to our list. This adorable cutie is about to try the sour fruit we all love so much! Her reaction is not a surprise, as we all react like this even today, but she is so adorable! Her mom is giving her a taste of this unusual delicious fruit and she is more than excited to try it. She sees a nice looking yellow fruit and probably doesn't count on its sourness. As she tastes it, she realizes what she has done! No more, please! That is the first reaction we all have, but that aftertaste is something we hold on to. We bet she will give it another try. We all do, and kids are no different. "Baby trying video for the second time" is probably on our way right now!