This cat has a priceless reaction to his new Easter bunny ears

Bea was attempting to prank her partner Ash for April Fool's Day (April 1), when he caught a glimpse of their cat in a bunny hat and completely lost it.

The footage, filmed in London, shows Bea giving her boyfriend a fake scratch card when their cat Jess enters the room wearing his new ears. Jess immediately takes the spotlight by surprising Ash who rolls on the floor laughing.

The filmer told Newsflare: “I was attempting to prank my partner in my kitchen with a fake scratch card for April Fools, completely forgetting I'd had a delivery for some bunny hats for my cat 10 minutes earlier, and had put one on my cat Jess, to see if it would fit."

"Whilst trying to conduct the April's Fools joke, my partner, Ash, saw Jess for the first time wearing his Easter bunny hat, and this was his reaction.”

The cat’s reaction is priceless as he stares at his owners with anger.