This cat looks like it had a long night of hard drinking

This is the adorable moment a cat was found sleeping on the floor - curled up like a drunk clutching a can of fizzy pop.

Saisuda Padungwetsawat, 28, was on the way home when she came across the kitten lying at the entrance of MRT Sam Yan station in Bangkok, Thailand.

Footage from last Friday (12/07) evening shows the stray cat appeared to have passed out on the floor, while hugging a can of Sprite.

Her eyes were tightly shut while she was trying to sip from the straw. The cat finally went back to sleep after realising that the can was already finished.

Saisuda said: ''The traffic was bad so I left the taxi to use the train and saw the cat outside the station.

''She also looked like she's drunk from drinking too much Sprite, but I guess someone had left the litter and she just liked the taste.

''She was holding the can like she was afraid that someone will take it away from her.''