This Dog's reaction to Bathtime will Shock You!

I bet you all know that cats are infamous for their incredible fear of water and bathing. However, rumor has it that some dogs are absolutely the same when it comes to bath time. Can you believe that there are dogs absolutely terrified of water? It might sound crazy, but it’s true, and this funny video is here to prove! Your mind will be blown! As the clip begins, you can see a cute dog sitting on a staircase. You can tell that he’s not feeling at ease. And what is the reason for that, you may wonder? Well, his owner has just told him that he needs to have a bath. As soon as this adorable pooch hears that nasty word “bath”, his whole body starts shaking in fear! OMG! This dog is so scared of water that he can’t help but tremble! Just a thought the bath makes him shiver. LOL! It’s just a bath, buddy! How funny is this adorable pup? So precious!