This GOOD BOY Knows Trouble when he Sees it

Every dog person will always say that all dogs are funny and adorable. And generally, that is true. But some dogs have some special talents or skills that make them a bit funnier and more adorable than other. But a pup in this video brings the game to the whole new level! He is so cute and funny that you absolutely don’t want to miss him! This little pup’s talent is singing, but not just an ordinary “dog singing” but “a bad boy’s singing” LOL! And if you are a true dog person, you are going to love it! This video shows a man who is holding his puppy, named Cookie, in his arm and when he says “where is that bad boy?” this lovely little pup starts to sing! Just look how cute he is! He is everything but a bad boy, but it sounds good as a stage name, right? LOL!