This Little Lamb Loves To 'Baa Baa Boogie'!

You won't regret watching this fun video, which is starring this cute little lamb that ended up stealing the hearts of thousands of users in Facabook, thanks to his beautiful way of being and for showing people that despite being a lamb, she has a lot of style and can dance very well to the rhythm of the music. Hilarious!

Her name is 'Ursula' and she was baptized like this by the personnel of Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center in Texas. Ursula resided temporarily in this center, a time in which she managed to make everyone fall in love with her positive attitude and infinite energy that she never fails to demonstrate through her dance steps. Do you think these people have taught Ursula to dance? Well, no, Ursula has taught them to dance and teaches them that life is very beautiful, so you have to use any corridor to move a little the skeleton.

As we well know, most animals do not like to visit the vet, but this video has shown us that the little lamb Ursula is the exception, we see her very happy jumping from one side to the other without anything to stop her, she definitely stole the whole show, so there was no lack who turned on the camera to capture the hilarious moment.

It was one of the local workers who had the opportunity to record the adorable little lamb, which jumped down the aisles accompanied by his veterinarian, recording the euphoric reaction of Ursula was a sensational moment and the most surprising thing is that the dance of little Ursula became a trend after the Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center shared it on his Facebook account, getting hundreds of reactions and positive comments full of love for this adorable little lamb that has captivated them completely.

"I wanna dance with somebody, some baa baa baa body who loves me," is the song that Ursula loves and is the one that encouraged her to dance madly, she tries to invite everyone to dance and the one that ends up accompanying with his dance steps is her veterinarian Nina, she is a great friend of Ursula, like all the staff of the place, they love Ursula so much and wait for her with joy whenever she goes to visit them.

Many people were totally captivated by Ursula, so there were many people who asked if the lamb was in adoption, so the workers have replied that Ursula already has a home and has only gone to visit them, as it still has a special bond with the people who looked after her for her during the time she was there.

Don't you just come out of the astonishment? Ursula has a lot of dancing skills, doesn't she? Maybe she should have her own space to upload videos, surely after that will rain followers, they do not stop asking about her, Fantastic!

If you liked this funny video, don't hesitate to share it with your friends, maybe they will dance as much as this lamb does. You can have the most fun in your day. Enjoy it!

Credit: Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center