This man in China crafts DIY flutes from bricks, a plastic pipe and a bicycle pump

A house painter played music on his unqiue DIY flutes, which were made out of bricks, a pipe and an air pump.

The interesting video, filmed in Luzhou City in southern China's Sichuan Province on March 11, shows the 31-year-old man named Li Chengjian transforming a piece of brick into a flute-like instrument and using it to play music.

In another video, Li also plays music on a plastic pipe and an air pump.

At the end of the clip, Li shows the brick-made flute close to the camera to prove the authenticity of the instrument.

Since he could not afford a proper instrument, he came up with the idea to make it by himself. He learnt how to make the flute online and only succeeded several times in more than one hundred attempts