This race in Sweden sees competitors lie down on sleighs dragged by reindeer

This bizarre race in Jokkmokk, Sweden sees competitors lie down on sleighs which are dragged by a reindeer around a course.

The footage, filmed in 2017, shows the race from the perspective of the contestant Andreas Viklund who said: "Spoiler - it feels a bit like standing in front of a snow blower and getting ice showers in one's face hurts. However, the adrenaline kick gives good relief.

"Each day of the Jokkmokk Winter Market, a reindeer race is arranged with 8 participants - a mix of locals, tourists from other countries and celebrities.

"It is more of a show than an actual competition since there is no skill involved other than making sure to not fall off the sleigh, which is tricky since the circular track and the high speed adds some physics to the mix.

"Naturally, there are thousands of videos of the race from the sidelines - but nobody had managed to record a race from the participants perspective before I captured this video."