Thousands of fish found dead in Brazilian lagoon under mysterious circumstances

Thousands of tilapia fish carcasses have found been floating in a lagoon in Torres, south-east Brazil.

Filmed on July 16, the footage shows vast amounts of dead fish being washed to the banks that line the lagoon.

The filmer told Newsflare: "Every winter, many tilapia fish die from the cold; it is a natural phenomenon.

"The days were a bit warmer when everybody woke up to this… hundreds of dead fish and not only tilapia, and there was even dead terrapin!

"People kept removing them from the water, and countless bags were filled, and even a tractor had to be used to remove the dead animals, due to the absurd amount.

"No matter how many big garbage bags had already been filled with fish, more and more hundreds just kept turning up dead.

"Since the fish stopped dying after three days, the people stopped asking questions and the issue was put to rest, even though the water was apparently never analyzed."