Three back-to-back explosions leave 11 victims dead and dozens injured in Afghanistan capital

Three back-to-back explosions in the Afghan capital of Kabul left at least 11 people dead, including women and children, and dozens more wounded on Thursday morning (July 25).

"It was around 8:35 in the morning and we were all asleep," said a man in the video here.

The attacks, at least one of which was claimed by the Taliban, came amid visits by two senior U.S. officials to Kabul, to "check the pulse" of the war there, and push forward political efforts to end America's involvement in it.

Nasrat Rahimi, a spokesman for Afghanistan's Interior Ministry, confirmed the death toll and told media that at least 45 other people were wounded in the attacks.

The first blast, from a suicide bomber on a motorcycle, targeted a mini-bus carrying employees of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum. Rahimi said the second explosion was a magnetic bomb that targeted the first responders arriving on the scene.