Three teenagers knocked off motorcycle after pick-up truck cuts in front of them

Three teenagers were knocked off a motorcycle after a pick-up truck cut in front of them and then sped away.

The sisters were riding home on the motorcycle before being hit by the vehicle in Nakhon Si Thammarat, southern Thailand on Tuesday (July 23).

Dash cam footage from the evening shows how the black truck quickly changed lanes, attempting to make a left turn to the small street.

The driver, who also failed to indicate, cut in front of the cautious motorcyclists and knocked them off.

Chutima Pettit, who filmed in the crash, parked her car and rushed to help the schoolgirls as the truck driver had already left from the scene.

The students had a few grazes and bruises but were not seriously hurt and rode back home afterwards.

Chutima said: ''The driver was very inconsiderate. He didn't slow down or even had a look to see if the students were okay.''

Thida Etae, the mother of girls, reported the police. The pick-up truck driver, whose name is Jutamas, was eventually caught yesterday evening.

According to her lawyer, Jutamas was not aware of the accident - thinking that the girls had lost their balance before falling down.

The lawyer said: ''She drove away because she didn't know. She couldn't make it to the police station today but she wanted to apologise for driving carelessly.''

The car driver gave 10,000 baht (260 GBP) as compensation to the victims. She also accepted the police charge for driving negligently and injuring other people.